Free Shipping in US
Free Shipping in US

Sweat Now. Free Collagen After.

Heivy is teaming up with to create the ultimate reward of 2020 for those living in active lifestyles.
Trade your steps for Sweatcoins and redeem a box of Heivy Uplift Collagen!

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*$5 shipping added at checkout. Promotion available on a first-come-first-serve basis from 01/21/2021 to 01/24/2021 only.

Redeem your collagen as easy as follows:
  • Buy offer to receive code
  • Copy code and continue
  • Add Uplift collagen package to your basket
  • Apply code at checkout to get your collagen pack

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Heivy: Beyond Collagen

Heivy is a collagen-based wellness brand that creates high quality supplements and beauty products that stimulate your body's natural collagen growth.
We share the restorative benefits of collagen with everyone. We make more than just collagen; we make our community more confident & more beautiful.
We are out to create a world where no one holds back, where people go for it every single time, where people live life at 120%.

This is us: Proud to be from NYC. Born to be beautiful.

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