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Dendrobium anti-glycation mask packet from Heivy

Dendrobium Anti-Glycation Face Masks (5 Pack)


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Support healthy, glowing skin with these anti-glycation masks!

  • Keep your face hydrated with these light, easy-to-use face masks
  • Diminish signs of aging by fighting collagen-damaging glycation
  • Works well for all skin types
  • Dendrobium extract benefits skin and smells great
Is your sugary diet wreaking havoc on your skin? If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking less youthful, glycation may be to blame. Glycation occurs when a sugar molecule attaches to a protein or lipid (fat) molecule, causing it to become malformed and stiff. Since collagen is a protein, glycation means bye-bye elasticity and smoothness and hello wrinkles and sagging. To diminish the effects of this process, try our Dendrobium Anti-Glycation Face Mask. Order your five-pack today, or gift them to your friends, family, and coworkers!

  • Using your fingertips, lightly press mask onto your clean, dry face
  • Remove after 15-20 minutes.
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