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Free Shipping in US

Our Story

Proud to be a woman-owned business.

Heivy was launched in 2017 when Stacy,
entrepreneur and mother of three,
recognized a need for collagen-based supplements
that were easy to drink, portable and affordable.
Since its beginnings, Heivy has grown to
become a U.S. market leader in internal and
external collagen beauty and wellness products.
From collagen drinks to collagen skin care,
we believe in sharing the restorative benefits of collagen for all.





The Heivy Difference

Our quality commitment

All of our liquid collagen formulas are created using naturally derived ingredients for the best taste and results possible.

  • no artificial sugars
  • non-dairy
  • non-gmo
  • gluten free

Infused with Supplements

We’ve fortified our liquid collagen drink with natually0derived ingredients to enhance the benefits of collagen.

  • essential vitamins & minerals
  • plant-based extracts
  • collagen boosting supplements

Our Environmental Commitment

We proudly source and manufacture our products using eco-friendly practice and facilities

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Wild caught fish
  • Green manufacturing technology
  • 100% recyclable raw material glass bottles

A Better Taste

We taste and test each formula to ensure the highest standards of flavor and ingredients. Carefully curated flavor profiles sweetened with naturally derived ingredients fresh and floral.

Ready to Go

Our pre-made collagen drinks are ready to go so you are.

  • no mixing
  • no messes
  • portable
  • travel size bottles