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Heivy Collagen Mask

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Heivy Collagen Helps Nourish Your Beauty From Within!

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This is such an amazing product. I have used many different beauty products from skincare to vitamins and this is one that I've always gotten the best and consistent results with. It's almost instant, I'll notice that my skin looks more plump and lines are lessoned. After about a week, my hair becomes more healthy and bouncy. My nails start growing longer and don’t chip. It helps over all for a more youthful look, the more I drink it and stay consistent, the better and better my results are. Do not be fooled by other wanna be products you have to get this one.This one does! Get it now you won’t regret it!


After using this for a month, I have the strength and flexibility back in my knees. I was having to push myself off the chair when I wanted to stand and now it's like my knees work again. Same for crouching down to pick up something. This product is amazing. I tried collagen powders and they smell and taste disgusting- they are made from bovine hide so no wonder. But marine collagen is wonderful - no fishy taste or smell. Side note, skin looks great as well.


Not a “review”person (this will be my second ever) but if you’re looking for a liquid collagen supplement this is the one.I have bought this item many times and will continue to do so. It arrived quickly and most importantly it works! Started taking on May 24th, 1 bottle before bed, & my skin has drastically improved, super soft with a glow.My only complaint would be the cost which isn’t as expensive as some but it would be nice to have some type of rewards or discount program for repeat buyers.s.