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Heivy Skin & Health Collagen

Heivy Skin & Health Collagen

  • What is the formula for Heivy Skin & Health Collagen?
Comprehensive nutrition:

1) Vitamins : B6, B12, C, E, folic acid

2) Mineral: Ca, Mg

Coptimal collagen blend:

Collagen, Jasmine green tea, bioperine

Antioxidants for overall health:

1) Olive extract, beetroot, lycopene, Co Q10,

2) Energy boost blend: Spinach + black tea

  • What is the function for Heivy Skin & Health Collagen?

Enhance collagen synthesis

2000 MG Italian Collagen promotes COL3A1 (type III) & COL4A4 (type IV) genes that related collagen synthesis。 Type III collagen is present in the skin and muscle connective tissue. It plays an important role to improve skin tension and elasticity, smooth and brightening. Type IV collagen is presented in the basement membrane and is an important role to transport nutrients and water to the dermis.

Type III collagen enhances elasticity and smooth

Type IV collagen adds nutrients to the cells


Activate the hyaluronic acid gene beyond artificial beauty

Hyaluronic acid has been injected into a deep tissue, generally used in breast augmentation, abundant buttocks. It can also be used to remove the wrinkle or lip plumping etc.

Italian collagen can activate HAS2 & HAS3 gene and enhance hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Reduce ROS and oxidative stress

Modern people's work pressure, emotional stress, improper diet, environmental pollution and other factors often make the body in a state of high oxidative stress, producing a lot of ROS.ROS production will promote collagen decomposition, reduce collagen synthesis and cause changes in collagen arrangement structure, lose elasticity, become dry and rough, and make fine lines and wrinkles climb the upper body.

  • Laboratory test performance

Coptimal collagen matrix can increase collagen synthesis related gene expression in CCD-966SK

Sibilla et al. The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, 2015, Volume 8

  • Synergene® Formulation Science

Increase cardiovascular endurance - Energy boost

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