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Beyond skin, joint, and heart health - Immunity Benefits of Multi-Collagen

Nowadays, strengthening immunity is essential to improve health and wellness due to the outbreak of covid-19. Strong immunity helps people prevent themselves from diseases and viruses. As a supplement, collagen is the good source for reviving skin, heart, bone, hair, and nails. Based on a series of recent researches, it benefits people’s immunity health. As we all know, people’s body is made of different types of proteins while the immune system also made up of proteins, such as immunoglobulins or antibodies. These antibodies ward off disease, viruses and other bacteria to which you are exposed on your surroundings. In taking enough protein ensures that your body has enough antibodies to fend off these immunity invaders.


It is crucial to take in enough proteins from collagen supplements to maximize the wellness benefits. Multi-collagen is the best type of collagen supplement for people’s daily nutrition and proteins demands to strengthen immunity since multi-collagen includes all benefits in one supplement rather than taking multiple collagen supplements. Multi-collagen performs more effectively than other collagen for producing enough protein because multi-collagen consists of different type of collagen (I to V) and amino acids (Glutamine, Glycine, and Arginine)

The Type I collagen, produced by osteoblasts and fibroblasts, can be found in almost all parts of body. It makes up approximately 70% of our skin, the biggest organ of human body. Besides, it plays an irreplaceable role in replenishing skin and reversing the process of aging. Showed by clinical trials, the patients get better skin hydration and firmness while the wrinkles decreased after supplementing the Type I collagen. The amino acids contained in the Type I collagen contribute a lot to its special function, such as glutamine, which helps prevent gut inflammation, and arginine, which may be able to help synthesize creatine for increased athletic performance. Apart from the positive effects on skin performance brought by the Type I collagen, the superb collage also shows a number of health benefits for the body, including slowing hair loss, thickening fine hair and reducing fine lines, improving circulation, supporting the matrix of our bone structures, and strengthening nail beds.

Unlike the Type I collagen, the Type II collagen can be only produced by chondrocyte, which means you’ll find it in your cartilage. Our cartilage protein is mainly made up of Type II collagen, about 50-60%. To better support and safeguard your joints and cartilage as well as relieve joint pain, you can supplement this collagen by eating chicken. In other words, in some ways, the Type II collagen is helpful to improve our exercise efficiency and resilience to athletic injuries, so as to further enhance the immunity.

The Type III collagen resembles Type I collagen in the functions and producer. The two types of collagen are always grouped together because they offer almost the same positive changes to your body. Type III collagen can be found in our artery walls, such as skin and hair, as well as other hollow organs, including blood vessel, digestive tract and trachea. Just like Type I collagen, the Type III collagen is also rich in glycine, which helps boost the functionality of macrophages and suppresses the formation of free radicals and inflammatory cytokines, and proline, which could help, according to a recent research conducted by UIUC, improve the hardness and resilience of our teeth.

Compared with the three types of collagens mentioned above, the Type IV collagen and the Type V collagen are less common. The Type IV collagen serves as significant components in different layers of skin. It also helps aid in the filtration of the kidneys and other organs. Moreover, the Type IV collagen forms in sheets rather than tight helix structures because it lacks glycine, the amino acid mentioned above and found in most other collagens. Meanwhile, the Type V collagen is fiber-like collagen that is found in some layers of skin, hair, the cornea of the eye, and tissue of the placenta. The Type V collagen could be essential to the newborn and crucial in maintaining the eye health, exerting related positive effects on the immune system.

In Heivy collection products, from I to V, five different types mentioned above are collected. Heivy, All in One Glowing liquid Collagen, contains a high concentration of fish collagen type I & V, which revives skin, hair, and nails. Fitness Strength liquid collagen is made of type I & II Collagen, which can be found in bone and help minimize wrinkles and promote joint health. Energy Booster collagen contains type III & IV, which is helpful to muscle growth and fitness strength. Not only protein but also vitamins can boost people’s immunity system. The best vitamins to reinforce your immune system are vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. Each bottle of Heivy liquid drinks contains 10,000 mg of marine, providing enough protein for daily needs. Additionally, it adds vitamin C to replenish the moisture in the skin and restore a healthy glow. Vitamin E in Heivy bottle improves heart health and lowers blood pressure while increasing metabolism and protecting cells from oxidative skin damage. To maximize benefits and results, people should keep taking collagen daily for at least two weeks. People’s metabolism and immunity take 2-4 weeks as a new cycle with enough proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. Multi-collagen is more highly-effective than other common types of collagens in boosting the immune system. Also, people should do more exercising and eat healthy diets with rich sources of vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits, to maximize multi-collagen benefits for wellness. Not only can you add Heivy liquid collagen drinks to your smoothies in the morning to activate your body, but you can also drink it before or after meals as snacks. The Heivy Fitness Strength and Energy Booster collagen drinks can provide you nutrients to promote immunity after the workout. Good quality sleep at night is also vital for improving strong immunity. Heivy Lullaby Beauty Sleep Collagen contains multi-collagen and melatonin that is beneficial for sleep quality and skincare at night.