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What Liquid Collagen Can Help

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As the most abundant protein in your body, collagen serves many important functions, such as helping to build bone, skin, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is also found in your teeth and blood vessels. As you get older, your body produces less collagen for these vital parts of your body. By taking liquid collagen supplements, you can help your body look and feel better.
Heivy offers the best liquid collagen peptide supplements. You can see an enormous improvement in many areas of your health, including your skin, hair, and nails, and feel better, too. Browse our website, and order today!


  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Joints
  • Bone strength
  • Heart health
  • Muscles & tissues
  • Digestion
  • And more!




Since collagen is a major protein in your body, taking more can beef up the areas of your body that use it the most. Your skin is made up mostly of collagen; in fact, 80% of your skin is collagen. Thus, taking collagen peptide supplements can help with skin elasticity (which is what you lose that results in fine lines and wrinkles), improving signs of aging in your skin. It helps your skin to return to normal after all the wonderful facial expressions you make on a daily basis, such as smiling or furrowing your brow.

Bone Health

Bone is made up of mostly collagen as well. Thus, collagen can help with strengthening your bones and joints, and may help in fending off the development of bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, which is the most common form of arthritis affecting millions of Americans. Osteoporosis occurs when the cartilage in your joints breaks down, causing your bones to rub together. Collagen supplements may be able to help keep your muscles and tendons strong and help rebuild lost cartilage. It may even help prevent bone loss, which happens as you age as well.


Since your hair grows from your skin, it stands to reason that collagen supplements can help your hair as well. The amino acids in collagen are important for hair proteins and strength, and by taking a liquid collagen supplement, you are strengthening the skin that contains the roots of your hair. Collagen may also prevent damage to the hair follicle itself, which is what causes thinning hair, as well as help slow down graying. Furthermore, collagen can also help with hair growth.


Heivy offers the best hydrolyzed collagen supplements that can affect your overall health and well-being. Since our bodies are made up of proteins, taking more protein can help our body stay strong, look younger, and feel better. We offer a wide variety of liquid collagen supplements for you. Our Revive Skin, Hair, and Nail Repair contains antioxidants and vitamins to restore your skin, hair, and nails' strength and luster. Our Fortify Skin, Joint, & Bone Strength has vitamins and minerals for better joint mobility and bone strength. Our Protect Skin & Heart Health will help your skin, heart, energy levels, and your metabolism. Experience the added benefits a liquid collagen supplement can afford. Order yours today!