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Voice of Heivy : Meet & Greet Kierna Conner

Voice of Heivy : Meet & Greet Kierna Conner

By Jill Preston

This week, we’re excited to speak with the dynamic Kierna Conner, New York actress, singer and writer. In addition to being a Heivy collagen fan, she’s a New Yorker and full time performer who’s been gracing the stages of NYC in major plays and performances across the country. 

Read on to learn how New York actress Kierna Conner stays healthy, happy and glowing.   

"I love what I do."



Heivy: Hi Kierna, so glad you’re here! Tell us a little about yourself. 

Kierna: Hi Heivy, thanks for having me. Well, my name’s Kierna Conner and I’m a full time actress in New York City. I love what I do. I’ve always been super passionate about performing and making art in general, and feel grateful every day to have the job I do. 


Heivy: We know you’re an actor and also a talented musician. How did you discover your talents?

Kierna: Well, l always loved performing as a kid, but I was also drawn towards lots of other artistic things. So, I tried a bunch of different hobbies; things like horseback riding, photography, graphic design and violin. In high school I started to treat acting more seriously, and was accepted into a very competitive college program for Musical Theatre. College was the first time I was able to fully immerse myself in performance, and I was hooked. We would sometimes have 16 hour days in class and rehearsal; then we would go home, do our homework, study our lines and do it all again the next day. It was this “ah-ha” moment about my purpose in life- not necessarily that I only wanted to be an actress, but that I wanted to live a full life filled with art, and I wanted to work hard. 


 "l always loved performing as a kid, but I was also drawn towards lots of other artistic things."


Heivy: You mentioned finding your purpose in life. How do you think others can lean in and find their calling?

Kierna: I think people should follow their instincts to discover their passions. It’s all about trial and error, and being humble enough to be bad at things when you first start. Try a lot of things so you can find the ones you want to invest in. Seriously, try everything. One day, it’ll click. And don't be afraid about the money. The money will come. But your happiness -- that's something that you can't settle for. If you're fulfilled every day, your wallet matters a bit less.


Heivy: As a full time performer, how do you find time to keep up your health with your day to day demands? 

Kierna: My mantra is "just take the next step". Start small! I’m a big advocate of simplifying small daily activities so I can focus on my creative goals. That’s actually why I started using Heivy’s collagen drinks. I’m pretty much out of my house most hours of the day so the portability was a huge factor for me. On my way out of the house I just toss it in my purse and drink it during rehearsal break or on the subway.



"My mantra is just take the next step. "




 Heivy: We love that. You mentioned creative goals. What’s currently inspiring you? 

Kierna: Actually, nature and animals are big for me right now. I’m finding that maintaining my health isn’t just about what I’m eating or doing, but also about where I’m spending my time and where I'm directing myself mentally. When I’m not rehearsing, I try to get outside for walks and bike rides. It helps me clear my head so I can refocus creatively.


Heivy: That’s great. We’re big nature fans too. On that note, what beauty and wellness product are you loving? 

Kierna: I actually just got into collagen face masks. I’m also a big tea drinker, so I’m currently loving your Oolong Collagen Face masks. They smell so good. You know I can’t resist anything that will make my skin glow for that next big audition!

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