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Should You Put Collagen In Coffee?

Should You Put Collagen In Coffee?

Wake Up, Coffee, Collagen?

Perhaps like many people, you can’t wait to get that first sip of delicious coffee in the morning.
Maybe you drink it black via french press, pour over, or the tried-and-true drip coffee maker, or you opt for something a little fancier. In today’s blog post, we’re helping you learn all about another potential ingredient you can use to dress up your morning brew: collagen!

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Can You Put Collagen In Coffee?

You may be wondering if collagen still “works” after you’ve mixed it into a hot liquid like coffee. Some people may worry that heat will denature the protein in their liquid collagen supplement, rendering it useless or less effective. First, we have to look at what it means to denature a protein, and if it’s actually a bad thing.

What Is A Denatured Protein?

Denaturing occurs when outside stress is applied to protein — in this case, that stress would be heat. A denatured protein molecule is essentially a protein that has lost its natural shape. Instead of existing in a tight coil, it appears unravelled. This may sound undesirable, but a similar process occurs when your body breaks down protein molecules to make use of the amino acids within it.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Is Already Denatured

Surprise! Heivy liquid collagen supplement, and every other hydrolyzed collagen supplement, is already denatured. Collagen in its natural form would be very difficult for your body to break down and absorb. Denaturing the collagen through hydrolysis makes it more bioavailable and easier to digest.

If you’d like to learn more about hydrolyzed collagen, check out our previous blog post on the topic!

Not All Denaturing Is The Same

It’s important to know that there is more than one way to denature a protein molecule, and not all ways will leave the protein usable. For example, charring protein (think grilling meats) can actually destroy portions of it. It is also possible that charring or searing proteins can create carcinogens, a.k.a. substances that promote the formation of cancer. We doubt you’ll be searing or charring your coffee, but you may want to consider this information next time you enjoy a backyard barbecue!

Coffee Will Most Likely Not Damage Collagen

So, in terms of adding collagen to coffee, denaturing the product is of little concern. However, there is a phase after denaturing that you should be aware of — degradation. At this stage, the protein begins to break down, not just uncoil, meaning that it will actually lose its function and effectiveness. That being said, unless you brew your coffee above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, this shouldn’t be an issue for your collagen supplementation.

Add Collagen To More Than Coffee

If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can still enjoy the benefits of collagen by adding it to your tea! The same principles apply — just keep your tea brewing temperature below 300 degrees. You can also add a collagen boost to foods like oatmeal and soup. Just be sure to choose an unflavored version, such as Heivy liquid collagen supplement. Our liquid collagen supplement is also ideal for mixing into cold beverages, such as juice and smoothies (or even cold brew coffee). Unlike powders, which can clump up and fail to dissolve fully in cold drinks, our liquid collagen supplement blends right in!

Order Liquid Collagen Supplements Online

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