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Voice of Heivy: Meet & Greet A-cuo Wang

Voice of Heivy: Meet & Greet A-cuo Wang

 By Jill Preston

This month, we’re excited to speak with the A-cuo Wang, a New York based hair stylist and salon director who loves hair, fashion and wellness. A-cuo shares how to get strong healthy hair and a day in the life of a hair stylist. 


Heivy: Hi A-cuo, thanks for joining us. So start, tell us about yourself.


 A-cuo: Happy to be here. My name’s A-cuo and I’m a full time hair stylist in New York. I came to the city from China about six years ago and love it here. 


Heivy: We love NY too. How did you get into hair?


A-cuo: I’ve always loved experimenting with hairstyles as a kid. I started studying it as a career a few years ago before coming to New York and have been a professional hair stylist for six years now. 


Heivy: What’s it like starting out in a salon?


A-cuo: Fun! I started as a trainee in the salon then gradually became a professional hair stylist. Now, I’m the director of my salon’s location, MG Hair Artistic Salon, in Queens. It’s a chain salon whose main clients are in the Asian community in the US. We have salons in New York and Boston. 



Heivy: Let’s talk about dream jobs. What’s your ideal hair stylist gig?


A-cuo: I’d love to do more innovative and trendy hairstyles and keep learning how to use the new technology and materials in our industry. There’s so much to learn and it’s progressing all the time. I’d love to really dive in. 


Heivy: Very cool! And what about maintaining hair health while using products? What’s the key to healthy hair?


A-cuo: Maintaining good internal health is fundamental to healthy hair. I also use nutritious products, but not super excessively. 


Heivy: What advice would you give people reading about keeping their hair strong?


A-cuo: In addition to eating healthy, I’d suggest taking some digestive products that improve your general health and will naturally show results externally on your skin and hair. 



Heivy: How do you feel about supplements? What do you take? 


A-cuo: Love them.  I take vitamins and collagen supplements. 


Heivy: Which Heivy collagen formula have you been using?


A-cuo: Because I’m so focused on hair strength, I take the Revive red bottle because it has a lot of marine collagen. When I started using the red bottle, it helped control my serious hair loss problem, which was really affecting my life and mood. After taking Revive from Heivy, I don’t have a hair loss problem anymore and my skin looks really bright. I think it’s because it boosted my mood and collagen levels from within.


"I take the Revive Red Bottle because it has a lot of marine collagen."



Heivy: Any other hair or skin regimens you have?


A-cuo: Yes! I love face masks. After a long day at work I enjoy relaxing while the mask moisturizes my skin. Lately I’ve been using the Dendrobium Face Mask which is really hydrating and smells like orchids. 


Heivy: Excellent! A-cuo, thanks so much for speaking with us today on our Meet and Greet series.


A-cuo: My pleasure! Anytime. 


Heivy: Thanks for reading! Check out our collagen products at


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