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Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide

Collagen is an important protein that exists ubiquitously in the body. It is naturally contained in high amounts in the skin, bone, joint cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, and teeth and occupies one third of total body protein maintaining youthfulness, health and beauty.

Collagen utilized in low- sticky drinks and many other processed food, all of which are difficult to take advantage of.But the notable characteristics of collagen peptide are that it can be easily digested and absorbed in our body, easily dissolves in water, slight smell and high transparency, solution is of low stickiness, low allergy component, high moisture retention, one hundred percent low calorie protein made use of as health food, diet food, and the like.

Heivy liquid collagen is a collagen peptide extracted from clean deep ocean fish. Fish Collagen Peptide is an enzymatically decomposed product consisting of small peptide molecules in the range of 3,000 -5,000. Its absorption in the small intestine is superior to other collagen products due to its smaller molecule size, which leads to a more efficient collagen synthesis in different parts of the body such as joint tissue, bone, blood vessels, and skin dermis. Consequently, this product is used for supplements to lessen the pains and aches due to arthritis, artheriosclerosis, and other signs of aging. Moreover, it is widely used cosmetics to support a smooth, radiant, elastic, and well moisturized skin to slow down the wrinkle formation.

Compared to collagen from cattle or pigs linked with various rumors, fish collagen is most considered as safe.

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