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A Heartful Choice: Take A Closer Look at Type IV Collagen in Heivy Protect

A Heartful Choice: Take A Closer Look at Type IV Collagen in Heivy Protect

 By Jeremias O'Young


   When presented with a myriad of options in order to choose the right supplement, you would almost be sure to face dilemmas: How to determine the one that best suits me? What makes this particular brand superior to the rest? To liberate your vision and to make wise decisions, in this case, is all about knowing what you are getting in the first place. Let's dive into some science today, with Heivy Protect Collagen as an example.


   Loved and shared among broadway actors here in New York and bloggers around the globe, Heivy's full collagen line exists with a very specific purpose: Each collagen excels at doing one thing the best. Heivy Protect, the famous purple bottle as seen on British Tatler and the Sweatcoin App, gives you exactly that: it's the supplement with a focus for heart health, with the default benefit of collagen that nourishes your skin from within. Only premium, deep ocean collagen peptides are used as collagen base, with added vitamins and plant-base nutrients like Vitamin C & E, CoQ10, CoB12, jasmine & olive leaf extract, beetroot juice, etc., just to highlight a few.



   All the abovementioned make our Protect shots nutrient-dense; however, it is really the collage type that makes it truly unique:


   Introducing, Type IV collagen.


   Here's a simple comparison:


   Type I:

   Maintains basic collagen content in skin.


   This is the collagen used in most collagen base, including our classic red bottle, REVIVE, which contains 10,000mg of marine collagen - the most in its class, by the way.


   Type IV

   The essential content of the basement membrane

   (between the epithelium and the dermis)


   This is the collagen used in Protect.


   Type IV collagen is found in the lamina densa of basement membrane, which plays a key role in the water transportation to the dermis. The basement membrane is a layer at the bottom of the epidermis, where the epithelial cells sit. It is a strengthful membrane between the epidermis and the dermis. The 50-90-nanometer-thick membrane carries over nutrients, discharges wastes, and communicates among cells. It also maintains the basic structures of the epidermis as well as the dermis in order to maintain the functionality of skin: to "breathe" for oxygen and to protect our body from external damages like abrasions or sunburn.



   We threw some science up there just for the records. Here's what we meant, in plain English:


   The Type IV collagen peptides found in Heivy Protect facilitate collagen synthesis, enhance mitochondrial activity of skin cells, and the gene expression levels of the genes involved in mitochondrial rejuvenation. Simply put, it brings about vitality and rejuvenation to your skin. In addition, Type IV collagen prolongs the average lifespan of skin cells. Its anti-aging effect is most promonent whenconsumed continuously; in other words, the metabolism of skin cells would increase by a significant margin and, as a result, your skin become smooth and flawless.


   That is why we dubbed the Type IV collagen “the total peptide solution" within the industry. More to come on the science of collagen soon - stay tuned!

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