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Why collagen is important?

Why collagen is important?

Collagen, derived from Greek, is composed of three polypeptide chains which are assembled to form a triple- helical structural protein. It is the most abundant structural protein in animals, making 33% protein content in human body and around 75% in human skin tissues. Collagen mainly exists in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. Especially connective tissues like ligaments tendons, and the cornea all contain abundant collagen. Not only these, extracellular matrix collagen form the basic structure of blood vessels

Aging face start with dry, dull and fine lines
Dry and Dull Skin
Since you have that lack of proper moisture, the  mechanisms of your skin won’t be able to  function like they did when you were younger.
Wrinkles and Fine Lines
your skin will become drier, thinner, and it will  lose its elasticity. This results in the look of  wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen Boosting Efficacy

The bright yellow color demonstrates the high density of collagen content while the black color demonstrated no collagen contained. Collagen density was significantly increased 29.1% after consuming Liquid Collagen - Skin for 4 weeks.
Collagen densityCollagen Density
Compare with baseline: **, p < 0.01

Wrinkles Reducing Efficacy

Skin wrinkles were reduced 14.4% after consuming Liquid Collagen - Skin for 4 weeks.

Rough Skin Smoothing Efficacy

Skin texture (roughness) was decreased 16% after consuming Liquid Collagen - Skin for 4 weeks.

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  • Can you please send me a link to the clinical trials that substantiate your claims?

    Greg Kelly

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