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Voice of Heivy : Meet & Greet Ricardo Andre

Voice of Heivy : Meet & Greet Ricardo Andre

By Jess DelVirginia

We spoke to Ricardo Andre, the founder of Hudson Boxing in New York City about his experience with Heivy collagen supplements, and what he recommends to his students.

Read on to find out how New York boxing trainer Ricardo Andre stays fit and prepared for his career. 





"It’s important for people to know that it’s a lifestyle change."



Hi Ricardo! Thanks for joining us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ricardo Andre, and I am the founder of Hudson Boxing in New York. While Hudson Boxing is only a year old, I have been training individuals at various gyms for over 27 years, and helping them get in the best shape possible and build confidence. 

How did you get into boxing?

My dad was a boxer, I grew up around it. But I didn’t take interest in it until I came to America from Haiti. I was bullied for my weight and for being the new kid. I began to train and box to build confidence, and as my confidence grew, I noticed that people began to leave me alone. I was also a professional boxer for four years. 

What are some issues that you see people face when they come to you to train?

I see people that sit all day and try to do high intensity workouts on the weekend, but they are more prone to injury because their bodies aren’t used to that kind of activity. Just telling people they need to stretch isn’t enough. It’s important for people to know that it’s a lifestyle change. Supplements like collagen can help maintain that lifestyle and help with recovery. 

Do you take collagen supplements?

I do! I think it’s really important for recovery and inflammation. When you’re doing padwork and sparring with your students, you are acting as the bag, taking all the impact from their punches. It can really put stress on your joints. I find collagen helps. 

Do you recommend it for people who want to intensify their workouts?

Yes. Collagen helps you recover faster, and gets you back in the gym faster. If you’re looking to do boxing, or cross fit, or other HIIT classes, I think it can really help you in your practice. 










"Collagen helps you recover faster, and gets you back in the gym faster."



What’s something you like about Heivy?

The variety of flavors is great, and the simplicity of throwing a bottle or two into my gym bag has been a game changer. I find myself able to do my jump squats without major discomfort, my knuckles hurt less after each class, and I feel myself getting stronger and recovering faster. 

Can you share an experience from your training that has moved you?

One experience that moved me, I was training a dad who was having trouble connecting with his six year old son. I told him to bring him to boxing. This helped their relationship immensely. They look forward to coming to class and working out together. The son is more confident and doing better in school, and they have more open communication with each other because they’ve built a bond.

Where can people find you and train with you?

You can follow me @HudsonBoxing and @RicardoAndreFitness on Instagram. I’m hosting daily virtual conditioning sessions via Zoom, and you can find that link on the @HudsonBoxing account. When we open back up, you can find us in the studio in TriBeCa, New York City. Can’t wait to see you there. 

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