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Collagen Gift Box — Skin, Hair, And Nails
Two hands with the Heivy collagen-boosting sheet mask spread out across them
 A bottle of Heivy liquid collagen being poured into a glass jar
 Heivy Collagen Gift Box — Skin, Hair, And Nails and Oolong Tea collagen-boosting sheet mask box and packet
 One hand squeezing out the liquid from the Heivy collagen-boosting sheet mask into the palm of the other hand
 Individual bottles of Heivy liquid collagen displayed in front of the product box
Collagen Gift Box — Skin, Hair, And Nails

Collagen Gift Box — Skin, Hair, And Nails


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The perfect bundle for restoring luster to your skin, hair and nails.

Treat yourself with our little red bottle of liquid collagen for skin, hair and nail repair, plus our healing and moisturizing Oolong Tea Face Mask.


    Red Revive Liquid Collagen Formula Ingredients

    • 10,000mg marine collagen
      • This premium marine collagen has the highest bioavailability and quickest absorption rate compared to other collagen sources.
    • Vitamin C
      • Aids the healing of skin while correcting dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
    • Vitamin E
      • Replenishes the moisture in skin and restores a healthy glow.
    • Coenzyme Q10 <3
      • Helps improve heart health and lower blood pressure while increasing metabolism and protecting cells from oxidative skin damage.

    Oolong Tea Face Mask Ingredients

    • Black tea
      • Provides antioxidants for dark spots and hyperpigmentation color correction.
    • Glycerin
      • Increases skin’s moisture levels to allow for deeper rehydration.
    • Trehalose
      • Protects and reverses oxidative damage and dehydration.


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