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Spa & Beauty Today: August Editor's Pick 2020

Spa & Beauty Today: August Editor's Pick 2020

Read more: Heivy is featured on in their August Editor's Pick 2020. 


by LaTanya Thornhill



One of our favorite things every month is going through all of the interesting beauty and wellness pitches we receive, then selecting the most fun and innovative products to feature in our monthly Editors’ Picks. For the month of August, some of the highlights included:


  • Pearl jewelry that helps cool your body in the heat

  • Makeup palettes inspired by the Orient Express and majestic sea turtles

  • Breast tape in natural skin-matching tones

  • Gummies and pillow mist designed to help you sleep better

  • Fragrances crafted with ingredients sourced from every time zone

  • The latest in Korean beauty

  • Prebiotic sodas

  • Hemp oil-infused chewing gum

  • The latest launches from Bath & Body Works, Drybar, Glow Recipe, Juice Beauty, Lord Jones, Neutrogena, Patrick Ta, and many more.


Read on to discover and shop Spa & Beauty Today’s August Editors’ Picks. 

Heivy Liquid Collagen Formulas


Each package of Heivy’s liquid collagen formula contains 10 portable bottles that are easy to take with you anywhere. The formulas are fortified with the highest quality marine collagen, plant-based extracts, vitamins, and minerals that complement collagen absorption for faster, better results. Available in multiple formulas, including Skin & Heart Health; Skin, Hair & Nail Repair; and Skin, Joint & Bone Strength.

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