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Multi-Collagen Protein

Multi-Collagen Protein

We’ve talked in-length about collagen, what it is, the best collagen supplements, and how they can benefit your body. Today, we are going to talk about multi-collagen proteins, what they are, and what they do. Keep reading to learn more, and if you are shopping for the best collagen supplements online, then you will find that Heivy has a wide selection of liquid collagen drinks that can be taken on-the-go. Check out our collection now, and reach out to our team for any questions about our products.

A Brief Overview of Collagen

Collagen is a dietary supplement that is growing in popularity because of its beauty, bone, and muscle benefits. There is a large variety of benefits for your health, many of which are essential in helping your body function, feel better, and look better. While collagen is produced naturally within the body, it can be found in supplements and many foods, like bone broth, fish, citrus fruits, garlic, and so much more. Taking supplements will boost your production even more, increasing the benefits you receive from the protein. In the past, we have talked about the different kinds of collagen and the foods you can get them from, and the kind of benefits they have. It’s important to know what kind of collagen you are taking/want to take so the benefits directly align with your goals. 

Let’s briefly dive into a few of the most common types of collagen, the types that you are most likely to consume through supplements:

  • Type I: Up to 90% of your body’s collagen is type I collagen. Type I collagen fibers can be found in the skin, bones, blood vessel walls, connective tissue, and fibrous cartilage. It is notable for its anti-aging properties, as it minimizes wrinkles and improves the skin’s health and hydration.
  • Type II: Type II collagen is found more in elastic cartilage and is known for promoting joint health, even helping to treat joint pain. 
  • Type III: Type III collagen provides and improves the structure of muscles, as well as organs and blood vessels. This type of collagen is the second most prevalent within your body after type I. It is abundant in the intestines and is understood to facilitate in the synthesis of blood platelets, making it vital in the process of blood clotting. Type III collagen is mostly found in the muscles and can enhance exercise performance, helping you work more efficiently at building muscle mass.
  • Type IV: Type IV collagen is less common, and helps aid in the filtration of the kidneys and other organs. It naturally exists as building blocks in different layers of the skin that surround our muscles, organs, and fat cells. Type IV collagen forms in sheets rather than tight helix structures because it lacks the specific amino acid called glycine, which is present in most other collagens. 
  • Type V: Type V collagen is fiber-like collagen that is found in some layers of skin, hair, the cornea of the eye, and tissue of the placenta. This type of collagen could be essential in neonatal development and could support eye health.


As the name may suggest, multi-collagen protein blends multiple types of collagens into one powder or drink. This kind of collagen is one that could be the most effective and therapeutic, as it has more than one type of collagen in it all from the same animal, whether it be a cow, chicken, or fish. The collagen within these supplements can sometimes range from types one through five — 80-90% of the collagen in the body consist of types I, II, and III — but there are actually at least 16 types of collagen.

multi-collagen protein is great for people who want to get several benefits all in one supplement, rather than having to take multiple. It is worth noting, however, that more collagen doesn’t always mean the supplement is better for you. It may have great effects on some, but it depends on the product and your specific needs. It could be good to stick to one type of collagen and see if it gives you the desired results and benefits.

Is Multi-Collagen Good For You?

Simply put, yes, multi-collagen protein is good for you! Formulas deliver specially selected ingredients for skin benefits, gut health, and joint health. Depending on the formula, you may expect to see improvements in skin hydration and elasticity while improving wrinkle depth and providing antioxidants; plus, added benefits could be providing the body with needed building blocks for a calm, relaxed state of mind. 

At its core, multi-collagen protein can impact everything from skin health to digestion and mobility. multi-collagen protein can be great for those who don’t consume enough collagen or people who are older, because as we age, collagen production naturally slows. The benefits you expect to see from collagen can depend on how much you take, as well as the kind of collagen you take. Before trying out a multi-collagen protein supplement, it may be beneficial to first try single types of collagen. 

Why Shop Heivy?

Heivy provides the best liquid collagen supplements that you can find on the market. They are easy to drink, have a subtle taste, and are made with marine peptides, which are necessary for improved skin health and elasticity, bone growth and healing, improved bone strength, and antioxidant protection. We made our products so they can be enjoyed on-the-go, enjoyed in your coffee, or blended into your smoothie! However you drink our liquid collagen supplements, you are experiencing the difference that collagen supplements can make. Shop our collection of marine collagen supplements now.

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