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Voice of Heivy: Meet & Greet Katie Brueil

Voice of Heivy: Meet & Greet Katie Brueil


By Jill Preston


This week, Heivy is interviewing Katie Brueil, Heivy customer and Miami-based software engineer. She joins us to discuss what it’s like working as a full-stack developer in tech, her love of beauty products, farmers markets and her three awesome pets.



Heivy: Hey Katie! Thanks for being here with us. We’ve never interviewed a software engineer before and are so excited to have you.


Katie: Hey Heivy, good to be here. Big fan of your products.


Heivy: Excellent. So Katie, tell us a little about yourself.


Katie: Well, I’m Katie, I just turned 32 and I’m a full-stack software engineer. Before coding I worked in non-profit arts and as an English as a Second Language teacher.


Heivy: How did you make the switch to tech?


Katie:  I was always interested in the world of coding and building programs but decided to dive in full-force right before the pandemic happened. I was itching for a career change so I jumped into a 3 month boot camp. Now I teach and develop applications.


Heivy: Wow, very cool. We know bootcamps are a lot of work, how did you manage to stay healthy during those intense 90 days?












"I needed a quick collagen drink to take between lectures and projects"











Katie: Supplements and smoothies! I learned about Heivy through a friend because I needed a quick collagen drink to take between lectures and projects. My friend recommended it and I’ve been taking it ever since.


Heivy: We love to hear it. What about the drinks made it easy to take?


Katie: Portable and no prep. No mess no fuss. I can just eat it with my usual breakfast.



Heivy: Before the pandemic, quarantine and the bootcamp, was health

and beauty regimens important to you?


Katie: Oh yeah. I’m obsessed with my local Miami farmer’s markets, skin products and trying new makeup. I just tried your Anti-glycation Collagen Face Masks and love how soothing they are. So moisturizing.












" how soothing they are. So moisturizing"













Katie: I’ve also been using the new nighttime collagen, which I take right after I finish working to help me wind down.



Heivy: Good to hear! How has life been for you during the pandemic? How are you staying healthy in body and mind?


Katie: I definitely miss a few things but I am making do. Instead of indoor yoga I maintain my routine with virtual workouts and socially distanced outdoor classes. The upside is, I get to spend more time with my 3 pets.


Heivy: Can we see them?



Katie: These are my babies. Staying healthy is about putting good things into your body, but it’s also about surrounding yourself with love. Like these furballs.


Heivy: Agreed. Health comes from internal and external additions.


Katie: Totally.


Heivy: Well Katie, thank you so much for talking to us. Happy coding and future endeavours!


Katie:  You too.


If you want to check out more of Katie’s adventures, hop over to @kayseabee on Instagram.


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