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Introducing Lullaby for Sleep

Introducing Lullaby for Sleep

Our new product has arrived. In just a few weeks we will be sharing our latest collagen formula, Lullaby, a collagen drink used for restorative skin and sleep.

Made with 5,000mg premium marine collagen and enhanced with melatonin, happy banana extract, tryptophan & GABA for a deeper, calmer sleep. 

Known for its calming properties, GABA is a supplement and amino acid that helps reduce neuron activity levels in the brain. That is, think less and relax more. Similarly, tryptophan helps produce serotonin, a brain chemical linked to balanced, happier moods. 

Reap the rejuvenating benefits of liquid collagen as you sleep with this night-time formula. Drink at night before bed and wake up refreshed in body and mind. 


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