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Things to Know: Taking Collagen For Bone & Muscle Health

Things to Know: Taking Collagen For Bone & Muscle Health

By Jeremias O'Young


   Think for a second: What correct decisions have you made to truly take care of your bones, joints and skin?


   To keep your dexterity, strong bones and freely-movable joints are definitely the key factors. The best description for bones goes something like, "Youth is most valuable to us." To have healthy bones, apart from enough intake of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, collagen components in organic bone matrix are also very essential. Of the many, type I collagen, fibronectin, and osteonectin are most commonly seen.



    Do you know for a fact that 33% of our bone is made up of collagen? Do you also know that bone and muscle are connected by tendon tissues, where 86% of its content is made up of collagen? In fact, collagen does slip away our bodies as we age. Besides skin laxity and wrinkles, the decrease or lack of collagen also leads to the less stronger bones due to insufficient tensile strength, a positive benefit of collagen; therefore, the weakened skeletal structure imposes greater risk of bone fractures.


    Furthermore, the loss of collagen also makes ligaments and tendons stiff and results in soreness and ligamentitis. The cartilage tissue in joints is a soft tissue that is elastic and provides cushioning function protecting the terminals of bones in joints. Collagen is the major component in cartilage connective tissues, and helps body tissues adhere to each other and stabilize the structures. This supporting function is important for maintaining stability of cartilage tissues. If cartilage tissues become inelastic or degrading as the results of injuries, aging, or long-term inflammation, any physical exercise, for instance, walking, puts stress on your bones directly leading to some illnesses includ ing degenerative arthritis.



    The special collagen peptides, used in Heivy's Fortify/Blue shots, are obtained through an exclusive hydrolysis technology. The molecules of the peptides are small enough to be absorbed by our intestines. A number of experiments have demonstrated that the supplement of the peptides effectively keeps our skin glossy and moisturized and prevents it from photo-aging. It is also shown that the supplement of the peptides improves recovery from bone fractures. The knee damage caused by the friction between bones can be improved to alleviate arthritis as well.




    The complications of fracture can severely affect the quality of life. That's why taking collagen can help us stay healthy in a very significant way, regardless of age.

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